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10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins Ever in the History

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Biggest Slot Machine Wins

Do you enjoy playing slot machines? If this is the case, you are not alone. Many people like to try their luck for a jackpot.

As a slot machine enthusiast, I have had the good fortune of winning a few bucks while playing. One day, a question crossed my mind after a spectacular win: What is the biggest slot machine win?

In spite of my 15 years of experience in the casino industry, I had never pondered such a question.

Determined to find an answer, I reached out to colleagues in various casinos and conducted online research. 

The revelation left me astonished. Brace yourself for the answer:

the biggest slot machine win on record is a staggering $39.7 million at Excalibur Casino, claimed by an anonymous winner. Following closely is Cynthia Jay-Brennan’s impressive $34.9 million triumph at Desert Inn Casino, with more noteworthy wins to follow.

Absolutely amazing and jaw-dropping, isn’t it? In this article, I will discuss the top 10 biggest wins in the history of slot machines.

Are you ready? Keep reading to discover these stunning and mind-blowing numbers.

10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins Ever

1. $39.7 Million (Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas)

The Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas witnessed a historic moment when a fortunate player from LA secured the largest slot jackpot ever recorded.

In 2003, this player opted for a go at the renowned Megabucks slot machine, investing a mere $100 in the hope of a substantial payout. 

Their gamble paid off spectacularly as they hit the jackpot, walking away with an astounding $39.7 million, the most substantial slot jackpot in history to date.

2. $34.9 Million (Cynthia Jay-Brennan, Desert Inn Casino)

In a classic tale of slot success, a fortunate player clinched a remarkable $34.9 million jackpot while spinning the iconic Megabucks slot at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas.

The lucky winner, a local cocktail waitress, Cynthia Jay-Brennan visited the Desert Inn after her shift in 2000. 

With just a few $3 spins within an hour, luck favored her as the well-known matching symbols aligned on the reels, resulting in one of the most substantial slot machines wins in history.

The unexpected turn of events took a poignant twist for Jay Brennan. A tragic car accident a few months later left her paralyzed and claimed the life of her sister.

Despite the challenging circumstances, she exhibited remarkable generosity by donating a significant portion of her winnings to charities supporting individuals with disabilities.

While Jay-Brennan’s life unfolds as a bittersweet paradox, her story remains imprinted in history due to the colossal jackpot she won.

3. $27.6 Million (Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas)

Securing the third spot on this roster of substantial slot machine wins is a fortunate retiree who visited the Palace Station Casino in 1998.

Initially planning to allocate $100 for her gaming experience, she ended up tripling that amount, and it turned out to be a remarkable investment.

Much like several others in the lineup of noteworthy slot machine victories, she opted for the Megabucks machine.

Her luck took a splendid turn, and she walked away with an impressive jackpot of $27.6 million!

4. $24 Million (Anonymous, Online Casino)

This list primarily highlights substantial slot wins from land-based casinos, but an exception breaks through at the fourth position, originating in the online realm in 2003.

A faceless Finnish gambler navigating the digital landscape of a European online casino achieved a remarkable feat while engaging with the NetEnt Mega Fortune slot. 

With just a modest investment of a single $0.25 spin, this anonymous player pocketed an astonishing €17.8 million ($24 million), etching their name in the annals of one of the most significant online slot machine victories.

5. $23.5 Million (Anonymous, Grand Mondial Casino)

The Megabucks slot stands as a true legend in the realm of slot machines. When you’re on the hunt for a sizable win in the world of slots, chances are, this game might just be your golden ticket.

It is hard to dispute the allure of this slot machine, although if there’s another game with a shot at glory, it’s Mega Moolah.

This game has seen its fair share of jaw-dropping jackpots, like the memorable one in 2018.

A fortunate individual who chose to keep their identity under wraps struck gold at the Grand Mondial Casino, walking away with an astounding $23.5 million.

Unfortunately, the specifics about this gambler and the extent of their wager remain unknown.

However, skepticism regarding the authenticity of this victory seems unwarranted, particularly when considering other impressive victories.

Keeping a low profile is likely the smart move for these winners. It’s quite common for those who strike it rich to stay away from the limelight.

Revealing your identity may not bring much good, but it certainly invites a host of potential problems.

Therefore, the key takeaway from these significant slot victories is the wisdom in maintaining anonymity.

6. $22.6 Million (Johanna Heundl, Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas)

Back in 2002, Johanna Heundl, a Californian resident, marked her 74th birthday with a visit to Bally’s Casino.

Taking advantage of the casino’s birthday offer valued at $100, she spent two nights there, supplemented by an additional $100 from her pocket, which unfortunately didn’t yield any winnings.

After losing the remaining $20, she decided to try her luck on the Megabucks slot machine, ultimately winning an astonishing $22 million and an extra $3000.

7. $22.5 Million (TrainwrecksTV, Online Casino)

Tyler Niknam, widely recognized as TrainwrecksTV in the online streaming world, secured a noteworthy victory in slot machines that definitely deserves a place on my list.

This streamer has carved out a reputation for himself in various ways, including being the second-most watched during the 2020 US Presidential Election on Twitch. 

Niknam revealed that he earns money by live-streaming his gambling adventures, and one of those adventures resulted in a significant jackpot.

While playing the game Might of Ra, TrainwrecksTV hit the jackpot, raking in an impressive $22.5 million. 

It is important to note that he was making $1,000 bets per spin. Among all the notable wins on slot machines, this one stood out as the highest wager.

Although there have been instances where gamblers won more with smaller bets, it doesn’t diminish the fact that this was undeniably one of the most substantial slot machine victories ever.

8. $21.3 Million (Caesars Palace, Las Vegas)

Our next stop takes us to arguably the most renowned casino globally, Caesars Palace.

Back in 1999, this iconic venue witnessed a colossal jackpot claimed by a 49-year-old business consultant from Illinois.

Remarkably, the winner, who opted to stay anonymous, staked a mere $10 on the Megabucks slot machine and walked away with an astonishing prize of $21.3 million.

9. $21.1 Million (Cannery Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas)

One of the most astonishing entries on our list involves Elmer Sherwin’s incredible luck.

In the year 2005, Mr. Sherwin managed to secure a whopping $21.1 million jackpot while trying his hand at the Megabucks slot in the Cannery Casino & Hotel.

Now, here’s the truly remarkable part of the story – this wasn’t Elmer’s first jackpot triumph.

Back in 1989, he had already struck gold on the very same machine, walking away with a substantial $4.6 million while enjoying the game at the Mirage Hotel & Casino. 

It is a rare instance of lightning striking twice in the world of slot gaming, making Elmer Sherwin’s double win a tale that continues to captivate casino enthusiasts.

10. $17.3 Million  (M Resort, Henderson)

Ranked as the tenth largest slot win in history, a Las Vegas resident clinched an impressive $17.3 million jackpot by playing the Megabucks slot machine.

What sets this win apart is that she utilized complimentary credits for her gameplay, demonstrating the significant impact free credits can have in turning players into substantial winners.

What slot machine games had the biggest wins?

Biggest Slot Machine Wins

The majority of the largest slot machine wins in history share a common thread—they were achieved on a singular game: Megabucks.

This progressive jackpot slot machine is widely accessible in numerous casinos in Las Vegas and across various global locations. 

Megabucks has gained renown for its colossal jackpots, often reaching tens of millions of dollars.

Beyond Megabucks, notable slot machines such as Wheel of Fortune, Sphinx, and Mega Moolah have also proven to be platforms for generating substantial winners.

Which casinos had the largest wins?

Undoubtedly, Las Vegas stands as the global epicenter of gambling, making it a hotspot for numerous record-breaking slot machine victories.

Renowned establishments like the Excalibur Casino, the Desert Inn, Bally’s Casino, and the Cannery Casino and Hotel have been instrumental in creating substantial winners. 

Interestingly, while Las Vegas holds a dominant position, online casinos have also emerged as a formidable arena for monumental slot wins.

Notably, two of the top 10 victories in this category have transpired within the realm of online gambling.


Slot machines have been responsible for some of the most substantial wins in casino history.

Imagine winning millions of dollars with just one spin. Some fortunate individuals have experienced this incredible luck. 

While Megabucks stands out as a favorite for big winners, other games like Wheel of Fortune and Mega Moolah have also contributed to significant payouts.

Although Las Vegas is renowned as the global gambling hub, online casinos have also produced some of the largest slot machine wins in history.

The fascinating aspect is that these winners come from diverse backgrounds, and their lives undergo profound transformations due to their substantial victories.

What stands out from my research on the most substantial slot machine wins is that the majority of winners are ordinary individuals trying their luck rather than professional gamblers. 

This supports the idea that success in this game is primarily luck-driven, with no specific strategies or tricks involved.

So, if you’re keen on hitting the jackpot, the key is to keep trying. You might just discover your name among the esteemed list of the ten biggest slot machine winners ever.

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