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Biggest Casino in the US (Detailed Guide)

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Biggest Casino in the US

In the world of casinos, the United States is considered to be the beacon of grandeur for having and boasting some of the biggest and most exciting gaming casinos.

These casinos are all over the United States, from the streets of Las Vegas to the allure of the Atlantic City and the Native American casinos. 

These casinos and gambling places are merely chances and risks, representing luxury and entertainment, which is the basis of the American Gambling industry.

There are almost 2200 casinos in the whole of the United States, including both commercial and tribal casinos and is ranked 3rd in the whole world on the number of Casinos. 

Las Vegas, Nevada has the highest number of casinos in the United States, with about 440 casinos.

Today, we will discuss the biggest Casino in the United States today, which is given below.

Winstar World Casino and Resort

It is a tribal casino and hotel located in Thackerville, United States, near Oklahoma – Texas.

The casino is spread over 400,000 Square feet with 8600 electronic games, 1000 roulette tables, 55 poker tables, multiple special rooms for high betting games, and off-track betting rooms are also available.

History of Winstar World Casino

It was founded by “Chickasaw Nation” in 2004 and was renovated in 2009 with 395 rooms and 370000 square feet of land, making it the second biggest Casino and hotel in the United States. 

Soon after a few years, in 2013, Chickasaw completed another project: to make another building for the casino with an addition of 1000 rooms and new casinos divided into two phases.

This addition took Winstar World Casino to the top, and it became the biggest Casino in the whole of the United States. 

Location of Winstar World Casino

The casino is located in the south of Oklahoma City, around 120 miles away. It is closer to two states of the United States, which are Texas and Oklahoma.

People from these two cities often come to visit it, and they always crowd it. 

Its location is well suited with almost 3500 seats for any global conference and selected by megastars from Hollywood to come and perform there, like Davy Jones, Tony Bennett, Kid Rock, Adam Lambert, and many more.

Specialties Of Winstar World Casino

1. Rooms

There are a total of 1495 rooms. There are two buildings in the casino.

The main complex building of the casino has 1395 rooms, which are present as follows: 395 rooms in the resort tower, 500 rooms on the north side of the poll tower, and another 500 rooms present in the same poll tower but on the south. 

On the second building, there are almost 100 rooms present which is almost an off-site property.

Rooms are very good and include the following properties which attract many people to stay here.

  • Hot Shower
  • Comfortable beds
  • Well-designed interior
  • Cleanliness
  • Staff check every hour
  • Friendly service
  • Air conditioning provided
  • Room delivery of food
  • Spacious Rooms

Gaming Space:

The casino is land-based, with around 400,000 Square foot area of land covered. Around 370,000 square feet of this area are used for gaming only.

It shows how much this casino focuses on gaming and attracts players from all around the globe. Gaming Space includes the following 

  • 55 poker tables
  • 100 roulette tables
  • 8600 electronic games
  • Separate suits for each game
  • Variety of rooms depending on bet amounts.

Restaurants present in Winstar Casino:

Winstar is the house of restaurants, and due to its reputation as the biggest Casino in the world, all big brands are working with it to provide services to its customers.

There are almost 15 – 20 restaurants in Winstar Casino. Most of the well-known brands are given below.

  • Panda Express
  • Gran Via Buffet
  • Palladium Sports Lounge
  • Red River grill
  • Le Paris Bakery and Cafe
  • Chips ‘N Ales
  • IHOP Express
  • Terrace View Cafe
  • Orange Julius 
  • Dairy Queen

Basic Information of Winstar World Casino.

Address777 Casino Avenue, Thackerville, Oklahoma 73459
Phone number+18669467787
Opening time4:00 PM
Closing time11:00 AM

Customer Reviews: 

  1. Every time we go to Las Vegas, we stay in Winstar Casino because of the quality of rooms and staff. Also, booking is very easy and can be done online. Staff is courteous, and food is delicious, even if you are hungry at 2:00 AM, food will be delivered right at the spot and whatever you like.
  2. I have asthma and can’t bear smoke in the air. This is the thing that I find good about the casino is that they have nonsmoking areas at almost every point of the casino. I enjoyed my time there.
  3. I love the rooms. They were very clean and easy to check in. They also have one of the very best buffets. Their tea was fantastic too. The food was hot and fresh too“.
  4. They offer a wide range of gaming options with both electric and gambling games to play on the table. The environment was very cool, and we had no problem with withdrawals. Security was very good there.
  5. It was the best day of my life. I won 439$, 560$, and 490$ in gambling on roulette. The games were easy to play and had a lot of options to play. Modes of the games were also available, and you can play easy, medium, and hard games. You can also play on tables According to your bet range. After I won, they deposited all the money in my bank account, and I didn’t have to worry about it at all.”

Biggest Casinos in the World (2nd to 10th Position)

Casinos boast numerous giants, and the discussion often revolves around the largest ones as already discussed above.

The following bonus list reveals the second to tenth positions, in addition to the frontrunner:

2. The Venetian Macao, Macau, China

  • Size: 546,000 square feet
  • Features: Over 3,400 slot machines, 800 gambling tables, a 15,000-seat Cotai Arena for entertainment events, and a luxury shopping mall.

3. City of Dreams, Macau, China

  • Size: 420,000 square feet
  • Features: 1,350 gaming machines, 520 poker and table games, the iconic “House of Dancing Water” show, and the exclusive Club Cubic nightclub.

4. Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut, USA

  • Size: 344,000 square feet
  • Features: 4,800 slot machines, 250 table games, a bingo hall, a poker room, and the Tanger Outlets shopping center.

5. Wynn Macau, Macau, China

  • Size: 273,000 square feet
  • Features: 1,000 slot machines, 500 table games, the Performance Lake with dancing water shows, and the luxurious Wynn Spa.

6. Ponte 16, Macau, China

  • Size: 270,000 square feet
  • Features: 109 gaming tables, 307 slot machines, the MJ Gallery featuring Michael Jackson memorabilia, and the chic Mistral restaurant.

7. Rio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp, South Africa

  • Size: 266,330 square feet
  • Features: Over 270 slot machines, 12 table games, the Escapades Theatre for live entertainment, and the F.L.A.G. Café for dining.

8. MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • Size: 170,000 square feet
  • Features: 2,500 slot machines, 139 poker and table games, the MGM Grand Garden Arena for concerts and sporting events, and the Wet Republic Ultra Pool.

9. Casino Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Size: 165,000 square feet
  • Features: 1,000 slot machines, 26 poker and table games, the Grand Auditorium for live performances, and the stylish Club in Casino Lisboa.

10. Casino Estoril, Estoril, Portugal

  • Size: 165,000 square feet
  • Features: Over 1,200 slot machines, 35 gaming tables, the Black and Silver Room for private gambling, and the Jezebel Restaurant for fine dining.

These casinos present an opulent array of entertainment, gaming, and dining experiences, solidifying their status as must-visit destinations for casino enthusiasts globally.

Comparison of the top three best casinos in the United States

CriteriaWinstarFoxwoodsMGM Grand
LocationOklahomaRural ConnecticutLas Vegas.  
SizeThe largest casino in the UKVast with Multiple gaming areasExtensive with a large gaming area
AccommodationDiverse room options, multiple lodging options, and variations.Best rooms with lights.East to get due to higher number of rooms.
EntertainmentConcerts and live showsconcerts and comedy showgrand events with live shows.
DiningMultiple dining options with almost 50 brandsMultiple dining options with almost 40Multiple dining options with almost 35  
Gaming VarietyMore games than any other, with around 1000 games, including gambling and electronic gamesAround 500 games were played, including gambling.Around 300 games were played, including roulette and poker


Winstar is the biggest and largest casino in the whole United States, with multiple Gaming and gambling options.

If you ever want to visit the US and wish to stay, this will be the best option for you as it includes gambling, nice rooms, live shows, food brands, and concerts to listen to.

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