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Chime Sports Betting: Best Sportsbooks That Takes Chime and Signup Bonus

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Chime Sports Betting

Chime is like a friendly helper in the world of online banking. It’s easy to use and feels just like using popular apps such as CashApp, Zelle, and Venmo.

Chime partners with banks to provide you with a variety of services, such as the ability to deposit checks directly from your phone, send money to friends, and receive account alerts. 

Now, when it comes to sports betting, people find Chime to be a good way to pay on websites like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Bet MGM.

But it’s important to know that whether it’s legal to use Chime for sports betting depends on where you live and the rules of the betting site. 

Compared to other ways of paying for sports betting, Chime is liked because it’s easy, has good security, and users give it high ratings.

As online banking and sports betting change, what people think about platforms like Chime will be a big deal in deciding how things go in these industries.

Chime Compatible Sportsbooks Signup Bonus

Chime Compatible Sports BookNew US Player BonusVisit US Betting Websites
Bovada50% bonus up to $250Bovada
BetUS125% bonus up to $2,500BETUS
XBet200% up to $500XBET
FanDuelBet $5, get $200 in Bonus BetsFanDuel
DraftKingsBet $5, get $200DraftKings
Bet MGMBet $5, get $158Bet MGM

How Chime Works with Online Sportsbooks?

Chime can be utilized for transactions with online sportsbooks like Bovada through a third-party service called MatchPay. MatchPay is a program where users can swap money with each other.

Depositing with Chime at Sportsbooks

  1. Log in to your Bovada account.
  2. Click the profile icon and choose ‘Deposit.’
  3. Pick MatchPay from your payment methods.
  4. If it’s your first MatchPay deposit, click ‘Join Now,’ create a MatchPay ID, and validate your email and phone.
  5. Enter your MatchPay ID on Bovada to link your accounts.
  6. Log in to your MatchPay account, create an Order, and if there’s not enough credit, click ‘Create Order.’
  7. Enter the amount, choose Chime as the payment method, and click ‘Continue.’

Withdraw with Chime at Sportsbooks

  1. Click the profile icon and select ‘Withdraw.’
  2. Choose MatchPay from the withdrawal methods.
  3. If it’s your first MatchPay withdrawal, click ‘Join Now,’ create a MatchPay ID, and validate your email and phone.
  4. Enter your MatchPay ID on Bovada.
  5. Log in to your MatchPay account and create an Offer.
  6. Enter the amount of MatchPay credits you want to sell.

Limitations and Benefits of Using Chime for Sports Betting Transactions


  • Chime transactions may decline if you exceed spending or withdrawal limits.
  • MatchPay might not always find a match, prompting a review or adjustments.
  • MatchPay credit balance can’t be sent directly to your bank account.
  • Some users reported issues, including delays and potential scams.


  • Chime allows unlimited daily withdrawals.
  • Chime is easy to use with limited fees on MatchPay.
  • If you deposited with a Chime card, withdrawals are practically instant.
  • The maximum Chime card limit is $10,000.

Chime’s Features and Benefits for Bettors

Chime provides a user-friendly mobile banking app with features that can be particularly advantageous for sports bettors. Here are some key features and benefits:

1. No Fees for Transactions

Chime users enjoy the perk of no monthly, maintenance, or foreign transaction fees when using the Chime Visa® Debit Card.

Access to over 60,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide is available through the ATM Finder in the Chime mobile app.

However, it’s crucial to note that while in-network ATM withdrawals are fee-free, there is a $2.50 fee for out-of-network ATM withdrawals, plus any additional charges from the ATM provider.

2. Mobile App Convenience

The Chime mobile app is crafted for ease of use, offering bettors the ability to manage their finances on the go.

This is especially beneficial for mobile betting, allowing users to quickly check balances, deposit funds, or withdraw winnings without needing a physical bank branch.

3. Early Paycheck Feature

Chime’s “Get Paid Early” feature is a significant advantage for sports bettors. It enables users to receive their paycheck up to two days early through direct deposit, granting earlier access to funds for betting activities.

This is particularly helpful for bettors looking to place bets on upcoming games or events without waiting for their traditional payday.

4. Additional Considerations

While Chime offers various benefits, it’s essential to be aware of certain limitations.
The SpotMe feature, allowing fee-free overdrafts up to a set limit, may not cover all transaction types, such as ACH transfers or Chime Checkbook transactions.
Users should also be mindful of Chime’s terms of service, as using the service for gambling may be restricted based on the user’s location and the specific sports betting site.

Challenges and Considerations

Using Chime for sports betting presents various challenges and considerations that users should be aware of:

Deposit Limits and Bonus Restrictions

Chime imposes deposit limits when utilized for sports betting, setting a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $1000 on platforms like Bovada.

This limitation may affect high-stakes bettors, restricting the amount they can wager. Furthermore, depositing with Chime or MatchPay on Bovada excludes users from accessing bonuses, which are valuable for enhancing betting funds.

User Experiences and Troubleshooting

User experiences with Chime on sports betting sites exhibit a range of outcomes.

While some users successfully manage deposits and withdrawals on platforms like DraftKings, Bet MGM, and FanDuel, others encounter issues, such as challenges in withdrawing funds back to their Chime card.

It’s crucial to note that Chime is primarily associated with Bovada under the MatchPay category, leading to potentially different deposit and withdrawal processes compared to other sports betting sites.

Terms of Service

Challenges may arise from Chime’s terms of service in the context of sports betting.
Some users report that using Chime for sports betting violates the Terms Of Service, leading to account closures without prior notification.
It’s important to recognize that Chime operates as a financial technology company, not a traditional bank. 
Banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A., or Stride Bank, N.A., indicating potential differences in terms of service compared to conventional banks.
Users should carefully review and understand these terms to navigate potential challenges associated with sports betting on Chime.

Chime’s Compatibility with Sports Betting Sites

Chime is compatible with select sports betting platforms, with Bovada being the primary site that accepts Chime transactions through MatchPay.

MatchPay facilitates fund transfers among users, eliminating credit cards and minimizing fees. 

User experiences using Chime on sports betting platforms vary, as reported on platforms like Reddit.

Some users note successful transactions on sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and Bet MGM.

However, experiences may differ based on individual factors like location and local banking regulations.

To use Chime for betting on major events like the Super Bowl, the process mirrors that of any other sports betting activity.

After creating a MatchPay account, users can link their Chime account, deposit funds into the third-party service, and then use these funds for transfers to Bovada.

Responsible betting is emphasized, urging users to set a budget they can afford to lose and view betting as entertainment rather than a means to generate the necessary funds.

Chime’s features include a downloadable app that can be linked directly to mobile betting platforms.

While Chime supports certain sports betting sites, users should ensure their platform’s legality and security.

Recent cyberattacks on online sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM highlight the need for robust security measures to protect personal and financial information.

Always verify that the selected platform prioritizes user security before betting on sports.

Alternatives to Chime for Sports Betting

Sports betting enthusiasts have several options besides Chime. Let’s explore some alternatives in straightforward terms:

  • Revolut: This banking app focuses on international activities and investing. It stands out with unique features not found in direct competitors.
  • Varo: Another neobank, Varo, provides basic banking features through its user-friendly app. It also offers early direct deposit features.
  • Ally: This neobank covers a wide range of investment accounts, including curated portfolios, IRAs, 401Ks, socially responsible investments, and crypto options.
  • Traditional Banks: Well-known banks like Chase and Bank of America have apps and mobile check deposits, serving as viable alternatives to Chime.

When it comes to funding sports betting, prepaid cards are gaining popularity due to their simplicity and safety. Some sportsbooks, like FanDuel and DraftKings, offer their prepaid cards with extra rewards. 

Visa prepaid cards are commonly used for online sports betting. Other payment methods include online banking, electronic transfers, and ACH/VIP Preferred e-checks, allowing you to use various accounts for deposits.

Debit and credit cards remain popular for their security features, transaction speed, and widespread availability. However, it’s essential to note that some banks may not process payments for gambling purposes.

People Also Ask

Can you use chime on FanDuel?

You can connect your Chime account with FanDuel, but it’s limited to linking your bank account within the app.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize Chime’s person-to-person feature directly on FanDuel. Some users have shared positive experiences using their Chime Credit Builder Card on FanDuel without encountering any problems. 

However, it’s crucial to be aware that the compatibility of Chime with FanDuel might be influenced by the banking services offered by Chime and the regulations in your state. Always check the specifics to ensure a seamless experience.

Does FanDuel allow Withdrawal through Chime?

Chime users have shared their experiences with depositing on FanDuel, reporting success with both Chime deposits and using the Chime Credit Builder Card through Apple Pay for seamless transactions.

However, opinions differ on withdrawals. Some users have faced challenges withdrawing a Chime card, despite using it for deposits. 

A Reddit user mentioned cashing out $20 from FanDuel, and the funds were in his account within seconds. This suggests instant processing for verified transactions unless dealing with larger amounts.

FanDuel offers multiple withdrawal methods, such as Online Banking, Debit Cards, Venmo, PayPal, and FanDuel Prepaid Play+. 

These withdrawals generally process quickly, often within one hour, but sometimes it takes up to 48 hours.

It’s crucial to note that withdrawing using a Debit Card, Venmo, PayPal, or Prepaid Card is only possible if you initially deposited funds through the same method. 

Does BetMGM Accept Chime?

Yes, Chime is accepted on BetMGM for both deposits and withdrawals. Numerous users have shared positive experiences, affirming the successful use of their Chime debit cards on BetMGM over the years, with no reported issues.
This indicates a reliable and consistent acceptance of Chime on the BetMGM platform for seamless transactions.

Does DraftKing allow withdrawal through Chime?

DraftKings does permit withdrawals through Chime, though the procedure may not be as straightforward compared to other banking options.

According to user experiences on Reddit, if you deposit funds using your Chime debit card, you can potentially withdraw instantly by selecting the debit card withdrawal option. 

However, some users have reported not seeing Chime listed as a withdrawal option, with only check and PayPal available.

Therefore, you should check out the specific withdrawal options on DraftKings and be aware that individual experiences may differ.


Chime provides sports bettors with a convenient and fee-free banking solution, boasting advantages such as early paycheck access and a user-friendly mobile app.

Despite these benefits, users should be mindful of certain limitations, including deposit caps and bonus ineligibility. 

Bettors must consider these factors and adhere to Chime’s terms of service to avoid account-related issues.

Although Chime’s direct involvement in sports betting has some restrictions, its integration with Bovada through MatchPay extends its functionality.

 For those seeking a straightforward method to manage betting funds, Chime remains a viable option, depending on users staying informed about the specific details and considerations associated with its use in the realm of sports betting.

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