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Goonies Slot Machine For Beginners Learn More about it in 2024

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Goonies Slot Machine

The world of slot machines is often a realm of thrilling spins, vibrant themes, and the promise of exciting rewards.

The Goonies Slot Machine, inspired by the iconic 1985 film, “The Goonies,” takes players on a nostalgic journey filled with adventure, treasures, and beloved characters.

In this article, we embark on an exploration of The Goonies Slot Machine, delving into its features, gameplay mechanics, and the magic it brings to both fans of the movie and slot enthusiasts alike.

What is Goonies Slot Machine?

Goonies Slot Machine is an online slot machine that was developed by Blueprint Gaming.

The game was developed after a famous 1980s game called Goonies which was a hit and loved by fans all around the world.

The slot game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines and pays out an RTP of 96% to its players. 

The slot machine gives a bonus and is a high-volatility game with a maximum win of up to 500 times.

Blueprint Gaming made this game to give players a memory of this fantastic film and to make it legendary for generations to remember.

Graphics and Sound Features of the Game

The slot machine is developed on the Goonies theme and has produced a lot of famous games like The Naked Gun and Ted.

The graphics and sound of the game were taken from the movie. The sound in all the games is a replica of the music used in the movie. 

The graphics of the game and photos used in the slot games were also taken from the movie and the essence of the film was kept alive.

The purpose of using a replica soundtrack and graphics of the movie was to exciting, engaging, and immersive game experience for its fans.

You will feel like you are the hero in the movie and you are making a movie for yourself.

Basic Information about Goonies Slot Machine

  • Slot name= The Goonies
  • Software= Blueprint Gaming
  • Reels= 05
  • Paylines= 20
  • Minimum Bet= 0.20 £
  • Maximum Bet= 100 £
  • RTP= 96%
  • Volatility= High
  • Max Win= 10,000 £
  • Bonus= Available 
  • Free spins= Available

How to win in The Goonies Slot Machine?

Winning on any slot machine is a game of luck and there is no strategy used on slot machines.

Now, let’s talk about how a win is declared on the Goonies Slot machines. There are three ways to win any game in the Goonies Slot Machines.

  1. After spinning the reel, if you get three or more symbols on a single payline will ensure a win for you. In the case of Wild cards like Pirate flag symbols, even 2 of them on a single pay line will get you win, if you are lucky enough to get them
  2. There are six modifiers in the Goonies Slot Machine. If you can trigger any one of the modifiers, you will get wild cards and bonuses as a replacement for them in your pay line. These modifiers ensure a win for its players.
  3. You get a bonus as a reward if you can get three or more scatter symbols on a single pay line after the reel is spun, ensuring a beautiful bonus win.

RTP in The Goonies Slot Machine

The Goonies slot machine provides both free-play slot games and real money gambling slot machines. The Return to Player (RTP) in all games is 96% when it’s free play or gambling.

Volatility in The Goonies Slot Machine

The Goonies Slot Machine produces a lot of games. Most of the games have high Volatility but other games have low and medium Volatility too. Let’s understand how Volatility works.

High Volatility Games:

It means that the game has a comparably high first-hand bet and high maximum hand bet too.

The game takes time as players tend to play till they reach the maximum bet. Such games are for players with higher bankroll and a lot of time.

Low Volatility Games:

These games are quite the opposite of high Volatility games. They have a low minimum bet hand and the maximum bet is also very low. Such games finish very early as players reach the maximum amount soon.

Medium Volatility Games:

These games are played most often and loved all around the world as they suit every player in terms of minimum and maximum betting hands.

The Goonies Slot Bonus Features

There are a lot of bonus features provided by the Goonies slot machine.

Base Game modifiers

There are six modifiers in the Goonies Slot Machine. If you can trigger any one of the modifiers, you will get free symbols and a bonus in rewards. These six modifiers along with their rewards are given below.

  1. Sloth’s Win Spin: This modifier adds extra symbols in your pay lines to increase your matching symbols and mini-games in your reel spin
  2. Data’s Colossal Symbols: If you get this modifier in your pay line after the spin, it will 3×3 symbol in your pay line on the reel ensuring a win.
  3. Truffle Shuffle: This modifier is special as it adds Wilds symbols on your reel and removes other symbols.
  4. Mouth’s Lucky Coins: This modifier is very rare as it adds special symbols in your pay line which ensure a bonus as a reward in your pay line. 
  5. One-Eyed Willie’s Bonus Boost: This modifier adds a bonus symbol to your pay line ensuring a bonus win. 
  6. Mikey’s Hidden Treasure: This modifier is the rarest of them all because of what it does. It can turn all the symbols on your payline into wild symbols, giving the maximum payout.

Bonus Activation

A guaranteed bonus is activated if you can get three or more bonus symbols on a single payline. After getting three bonus symbols, you will get a free spin.

There are six possibilities of rewards as the result of the bonus spin and you can get any one of them as a result of your spin in your reward. That will be your bonus.

  1. Super Sloth Free spins: In this result, you get three highest-paying symbols in your pay line as a reward.
  2. Goonies Go Wild Free Spins: In this result, all the highest-paying symbols will turn to wild cards.
  3. Inferno Free spins: In this spin results, out of a total of 5 reels on the game, any 1-to-3-reel symbols will turn wild.
  4. Fratelli Hideout Bonus: This bonus allows you to pick a prize round for yourself. 
  5. Skeleton Organ Bonus: After getting this bonus, you can pick any organ keys for yourself to win prizes and multipliers.
  6. One-Eyed Willie’s Treasure Bonus: This bonus guarantees generous multipliers as a wheel bonus.

Pros and Cons of The Goonies Slot Machine

The game has High VolatilityThere are only 20 paylines which are very less.
Your bonus can also be gambled.The top prize in the slot is only 500x of your bet which is also much less
The game provides mini-games with free spins too.
Modifiers available
Engaging theme and soundtrack


The Goonies Slot Machine combines the excitement of slot gaming with the nostalgic charm of a beloved 80s film.

As players spin the reels and unlock the various bonus features, they embark on a virtual treasure hunt reminiscent of the adventures of Mikey and the gang. 

With its captivating design, engaging gameplay, and potential for exciting rewards, The Goonies Slot Machine invites both movie enthusiasts and slot lovers to revel in the magic of this unforgettable cinematic journey.

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