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Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida

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Hard Rock Sports betting app

Hard Rock sports betting is a platform where players stake and bet on sports being played all around the world.

This Sportsbook is based in the USA and is legal in seven states out of 50 and Florida is one of them too. 

Florida is the latest state added to the list of legal states. Sports betting at Hard Rock is great due to its great betting options, multiple promo codes, free bets, and several sports covered.

In this article, we will talk about how and when Hard Rock became legal in Florida, its banking methods, safety, and security.

Hard Rock Sports Betting in Florida

Hard Rock Sportsbook was developed in 2018 and was available to 6 states of the United States. Later On, in 2021 the Sportsbook owner after seeing the increasing popularity of the Sportsbook decided to take it to Florida. They have won their legal battle and US court and the Sportsbook will be officially started in no time.

Basic Information about Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Twitter: @HardRockSBHelp
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Founded in: 2021
  • Available in some states: 07 including Florida
  • Casino: Yes, available
  • Cryptocurrency: Not acceptable
  • Mobile app: Available
  • Live chat: Available 24/7
  • Minimum Age: 21
  • Promo code= Available 
  • Free Bets= Available
  • Minimum Deposit= 10 $
  • Maximum Deposit= No limit
  • Minimum Withdrawal= 10 $
  • Maximum Withdrawal= No limit

Sports you can stake on in Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida

Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida also covers all the major games played in the USA and the world. They also cover all leagues, championship tournaments, and Olympics to give their players a variety to stake in sports. These sports are given below.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Hockey
  • Snooker
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Horse Racing
  • Motor Racing

Betting Types and Variations at Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida

There are plenty of betting types and variations offered by Hard Rock in Florida. These betting types diversify the game and make it more difficult and thrilling for all the players to gamble on. These betting types are given below.

  • Parlays
  • Money line
  • Straight Bet
  • Live Betting
  • Props Bets

Reward Program at Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida

You will automatically be enrolled in the rewards program when you create an account with Florida Hard Rock Sportsbook. Every time you place a bet through the Hard Rock Bet Florida app or website, you earn reward points and tier credits. 

Hard Rock Bet Florida’s sports betting app calculator explains how many points you will receive for each bet.

new customers start at the Member level, but after earning 10 Level Credits you advance to the bronze level. 

You will then receive a 2x rewards point multiplier and a birthday spin on the Mystery Wheel.

Customers can then upgrade to Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. An invite-only Diamond level is also available.

The multiplier increases with each level up and you also benefit from additional benefits, including level-specific promotions.

Promotions and Welcome Bonus in Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida

First Bet Replays up to $1,000 are available to new clients of Hard Rock Bet in Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia.

The welcome bonus will probably be available upon its launch in Florida as well. If so, all you have to do to be eligible for the Hard Rock Bet Florida promotion is wager $10 or more on any game. Cash payouts for the winning bets are made.

You will get one spin on the Mystery Wheel if you lose. It promises a bonus bet that is guaranteed, but the amount of the bonus bet is dependent upon the size of your first qualifying stake.

The wheel consists of seven parts, and we have divided the possible outcomes and chances of obtaining each one based on the size of your qualifying bet.

  • $ 10 to $ 25 Bet: $1000 – 0.10%; $30 – 0.10%; $25 – 0.10%; $20 – 14.70%; $15 – 50.00%; $10 – 30.00%; $5 – 5.00%
  • $ 26 to $ 50 Bet: $;000 – 0.10%; $100 – 0.10%; $50 – 0.10%; $30 – 5.00%; $25 – 89.60%; $10 – 5.00%; $5 – 0.10%
  • $ 51 to $ 100 Bet: $1000 – 0.10%; $100 – 1.00%; $75 – 3.70%; $50 – 90.00%; $20 – 5.00%; $15 – 0.10%; $10 – 0.10%
  • $ 101 to $ 200 Bet: $1000 – 0.10%; $500 – 0.10%; $250 – 0.10%; $200 – 0.10%; $150 – 0.10%; $100 – 94.50%; $75 – 5.00%
  • $ 201 to $ 300 Bet: $1000 – 0.10%; $300 – 0.10%; $275 – 0.10%; $250 – 5.00%; $200 – 87.60%; $175 – 7.00%; $100 – 0.10%
  • $ 301 to $ 400 Bet: $1000 – 0.10%; $400 – 0.10%; $375 – 1.00%; $350 – 14.00%; $300 – 75.00%; $250 – 9.70%; $150 – 0.10%
  • $ 401 to $ 500 Bet: $1000 – 0.10%; $500 – 0.80%; $450 – 3.00%; $425 – 5.00%; $400 – 90.00%; $350 – 1.00%; $200 – 0.10%
  • $ 501 to Bet: $1000 – 0.10%; $775 – 2.00%; $600 – 2.70%; $500 – 90.00%; $400 – 5.00%; $350 – 0.10%; $200 – 0.10%

How to Claim Hard Rock Bet Florida Welcome Promo Code?

Promo codes are not available right now on but they are planning to start giving promo codes again, following are the steps you can follow to get promotions.

  1. Open the official site of the Hard Rock online sports betting Florida, and click the “Bet Now” option. It will launch the website and guarantee that you get the finest Hard Rock Bet promotion.
  2. Bettors in Florida will get an email explaining the sign-up bonus for which they are eligible. To access the Florida sports betting Hard Rock sign-up page, click “Start Betting.” Then, enter your email address, select a password, and click “Sign Up.”
  3. Enter your date of birth, name, phone number, address, and last four SSN digits. Accept the terms and conditions, send the form, and, if required, take action to validate your account.
  4. Once your account has been authorized, make a minimum $10 deposit using the online cashier.
  5. Put a pick and a minimum wage of $10 onto the bet slip. You can spin the Mystery Wheel at Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Florida if you lose.

Daily Promo Codes to Redeem on Hard Rock Sorts Betting Florida

Irrespective of the Welcome promo codes, hard Rock Sports Betting gives promo codes daily to its players to have fun.

Sign-Up Promo

It is most likely a First Bet Replay of up to $1,000 as the Hard Rock Betting Florida sign-up bonus.

Except for Tennessee, which gives up to $200 back as a bonus bet if your initial wager loses without allowing you to spin the Mystery Wheel, that is the welcome bonus offered in every state where Hard Rock Bet is present. 

Odds Boosts

Daily odds enhancements, often associated with parlays and same-game parlays, will be available on the Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida app.

NFL wagering promos, for instance, can include increased chances for the Miami Dolphins to win and score more than 48.5 points or the Bucs to win and have Baker Mayfield surpass his passing milestone.

Happy Hour

Every Friday, this promotion will run for three hours. The first boost will occur between 4 and 5 p.m. ET, the second will occur between 5 and 6 p.m. ET, and the third boost will occur between 6 and 7 p.m. ET.

In addition to the normal odds enhancements offered via the Hard Rock Bet Florida app, these promos are exclusive to Hard Rock Bet Florida.

Security and Safety at Hard Rock Betting Florida

Hard Rock sports betting is known for its player’s safety. They keep both the personal and financial data of each gambler secure and are licensed and regulated daily. The use following technologies to keep the data of players safe.

  • High-level Authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Robust firewalls.

These three are modern security tools used by all big companies in the world right now. There has never been a case of breached information recorded by Hard Rock sports betting in Florida.

Banking Option at Hard Rock Sports Betting Florida

Deposits and Withdrawals

Banking option is available at Hard Rock Sportsbook Florida and most of all transactions are carried out through credit and debit cards.

There is no fees charged for any deposits or Withdrawals and the process is safe and secure. Your financial information is kept safe and is end-to-end encrypted.


NameMinimum DepositMaximum DepositProcess Time
Credit Card10$no limitwithin 24 hours.
Debit Card10$no limitwithin 24 hours.
PayPal10$no limitwithin 24 hours.
Venmo10$no limitwithin 24 hours.
ACH bank transfer10$no limitwithin 24 hours.


NameMinimum WithdrawalMaximum WithdrawalProcess Time
PayPal10$no limitwithin 24 hours.
Venmo10$no limitwithin 24 hours.
ACH bank transfer10$no limitwithin 24 hours.

Hard Rock Promo Code Comparison with Other Sportsbooks

Given that no other online sportsbooks are allowed to open, the Hard Rock Bet FL promo code will be the only welcome bonus available in the Sunshine State.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida, which controls Hard Rock Bet, inked a new agreement with Gov. Ron DeSantis in April 2021, awarding it an exclusive deal to handle online sports betting in the state.

The tribe consented to provide Florida at least $500 million annually in exchange.

Hard Rock Bet faces tough competition from top-tier competitors in other states, but it makes an impact by providing a unique welcome bonus.

The BetMGM bonus code rewards new clients with up to $1,500 back in bonus bets if they lose their initial bet, while the Caesars Sportsbook promo code will earn new users up to $1,000 back as a bonus bet if their first wager loses.

The Hard Rock Bet promo code, on the other hand, carries a hint of mystery and chance since you may win a bigger bonus bet than the amount of your lost first stake.


Hard Rock sports betting is the most trusted and most anticipated platform in all of the United States. The platform has maximum security for financial and personal details and is end-to-end encrypted.

Moreover, the platform provides much higher welcome bonuses, promo codes, rewards, and bonuses than any other platform in the United States. 

The platform is only legal in seven states of America including Florida. Florida is the latest state added to the list of legal states.

The platform also covers almost all sports being played in the United States and their banking system is extraordinary like No other.

They give minimum deposits and withdrawals for their players, so everyone can play. So, what are you waiting for, let’s start playing.

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