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Mega Joker Slot game (Everything You Need to Know)

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Mega Joker Slot game

Mega Joker is a classic and highly anticipated slot game developed in 2011 by NetEnt, the best developer of online games of the modern era.

Mega Joker was developed on traditional slot rules with the addition of some new features that were introduced to the game.

The game has the exact theme of a game called “Mechanical Fruit Machine” and includes the same lights and sounds. 

The game has become very popular among fans for its old-school theme and modern-era rules with bonuses and payouts.

Its progressive jackpot is the ultimate reason which attracts players to play the game. This article will discuss themes, RTP, payouts, winnings, bonuses, jackpot, and how to play Mega Joker.

Over View of Mega Joker

Mega Joker is high in demand among players and has two game modes: Regular Mode and Supermeter Mode.

  • In the regular mode of Mega Joker, the bets and payouts are lower, but once you start winning hands, you are promoted to Supermeter mode, where bets and payouts are significantly higher. 
  • In Supermeter mode, the bets are usually higher with higher payouts; you can also sit on that table directly if you have enough funds to play. It can be played on upper drums.
  • The main feature of the game, which is in talks everywhere, is its progressive jackpot. Only lucky Players can play the game, win high amounts over time, and hit the jackpot.

Basic Information about the game:

  • Type: Video Slot game
  • RTP: 89% to 99% 
  • Developed by: NetEnt 
  • Year of Release: 2011
  • Drums: 05
  • Rows: 03
  • Paylines: 20
  • Theme: Classic 
  • Coin levels: 1 to 5
  • Available on mobile: Yes
  • Minimum Bet:1 hryvnia
  • Maximum Bet: 1000 hryvnia
  • Free spins: Available 
  • Bonuses: Not Available 
  • Jackpot: Progressive Jackpot

Themes and Graphics

The game’s theme is based on the Classic Fruit game, which also matches a famous game called “Mechanical Fruit Machine”.

This theme is very old, classic, and traditional and was made official for the game to bring back memories of the old days. 

However, the graphics were made to represent the modern era with HD graphics and beautiful backgrounds.

This gives players a mix of old and new eras of the gambling industry.

1. Retro Style

Retro Style means old-school style. The game includes symbols of cherries, stars, and lemons to reflect on the old days of gambling.

2. Vivid Color Palette and Animations

  • Bright and saturated colors
  • Green Background 
  • Golden frames
  • Smooth animations
  • Dynamism 
  • More action
  • Modern technology

3. High Detail

The graphical details of each point of the game are very high. Symbols, buttons, and frames are in high detail so everyone can understand easily.

Game Play

The gameplay of Mega Joker is given in detail below.

  1. Start the game: Start the game by spinning the wheel. The win is declared once you get specific symbol combinations as the result of wheel spin.
  2. Decision After Winning: After winning, the player gets two options. Either he can quit and take the win or go for double or nothing in Supermeter mode.
  3. Game Modes: The game has two modes: Regular and Supermeter Mode. Regular Mode has classic rules with minimum bet hand and hence small wins, while Supermeter mode has maximum bet-ins and higher chances of winning big amounts leading to jackpots.
  4. Game Controls: The game controls are very smooth and responsive. You can change modes and bet amounts with no difficulty, avoiding any unnecessary complications for players.

Rules to Play the Game

The rules of the game are pretty basic and simple to understand. The rules are given below.

Drum Structure:

Mega Joker has three drums with five winning lines. The winner is decided based on the symbol combination on these drums and pay lines. The symbol combination can be made both horizontally and vertically. 


All players have to choose the bet before playing the game. You can go for any amount between minimum and maximum bet.

Symbol and Winnings:

To get the win, you have to make a special combination of symbols on your spin. Three same/identical symbols on a single active pay line will get you a win.

The winning amount varies on which symbols have you collected. Getting three Jokers will get you the maximum win.

How to Play Mega Joker Slot Game?

Playing the Mega Joker game is very easy to learn for all players. A new player can easily master the game in no time if he knows how to play the game.

Let’s understand below how to play the game.

1. Choose a Bet:

The first and foremost step is to choose your bet. You can go for any amount between the betting range. But you must select the bet before the game starts.

2. Selecting Lines:

There are 20 winning lines in the game. Make sure to select the active lines before starting the game.

The number of Active lines is directly related to the chances of winning. More active lines, more chances of winning.

3. Spinning the Reels:

Spin the reel after deciding the bet amount and selecting the active reels.

4. Using Features:

New modes and features unlock after you make a win by getting three special symbols together, like Supermeter mode.

Symbols in Mega Joker and their Payouts:

There are two types of symbols in Mega Joker. These symbols and their payouts are given below in detail.

1. Classic Symbols:

  • Orange, Cherries, and Lemons: These Fruit symbols appear more than any other symbol and have very small payouts.
  • Bells and Plums: These symbols appear a little bit rare compared to the above ones. Their payout is higher and gives a quick boost to your bankroll.
  • Sevens: Getting three seven symbols is a very unique and rare thing. It has the best payout in the game.

2. Special Symbols:

  • Wild Symbol – Joker: Joker, as the name of the game says. It has been added as a Wild symbol in the game. If you get any Joker symbol, you can replace it with any symbol you want. Getting three Jokers is the highest winning hand.
  • Scatter Symbol: The Scatter symbol is very rare and gives free spins as rewards to players.

Calculation of Winnings:

The winning in Mega Joker can be calculated by a simple formula. 

Size of Winning Payout = Coefficient for each symbol × Your Bet.

This means that your wins depend only on your bet amount, as the coefficient is constant. The higher your initial bet, the higher payout you will receive.

1. Winning Combinations in Basic Mode

  • Three cherries: 1 to 20 coins
  • Three lemons: 10 to 20 coins
  • Three watermelons: 40 to 80 coins
  • Three bells: 100 to 200 coins
  • Three treasure troves: 200 to 2000 coins
  • Three jesters: 10 to 400 coins 

2. Winning Combination in Supermeter Mode

  • Three Cherries= 100 to 200 Coins
  • Three oranges= 100 to 200 Coins
  • Three lemons= 200 to 400 Coins
  • Three watermelons= 500 to 1000 Coins
  • Three bells= 600 to 1200 coins
  • Three 7’s= 800 to 2000 coins
  • Three or more jesters= 100 to 2000 coins

Game Strategy

Game strategy is very simple and based on your financial status. If you are new or have a low budget, start playing with a minimum bet and take the wins.

So, in case you lose you don’t lose higher amounts. Do not make this game hard on you by playing higher bets with no chances.

Free Spins

Free spin is the most rewarding feature of the game. You get free spins when you get specific symbols e.g. Scatter Symbol.

These symbols grant you free spins with no bet amount. You can win a lot for free from these spins.


Hitting a jackpot is very rare, and only lucky Players can get it. A significant amount of bet is deducted from each player’s bet hand and is given in the form of the jackpot to players at the end.

Sites to Play Mega Joker Slot Game:

There are some of the trusted and good sites to play the game. Some of them are given below.

  • Casino Las Vegas
  • 888 Casino
  • Betway Casino
  • LeoVegas Casino
  • Mr Green Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Royal Panda Casino
  • Genesis Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • Guts Casino


Mega Joker, developed by NetEnt in 2011, stands out as a classic slot game with a perfect blend of old-school charm and modern features.

Its dual modes, Regular and Supermeter, add excitement, offering varied betting options and payouts. 

The retro-style theme, adorned with vivid colors and high-detail graphics, creates a nostalgic yet dynamic gaming experience.

With an 89% to 99% RTP, Mega Joker boasts a progressive jackpot, attracting players seeking substantial wins. 

The straightforward gameplay involves spinning reels, making choices post-win, and utilizing special symbols.

Whether you are a novice or a high roller, Mega Joker’s simplicity and potential for significant rewards make it a must-try.

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