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Single Zero Roulette (The Master Guide to Perfection)

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Single zero roulette
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Roulette has been a fascinating casino enthusiast for generations because of its mesmerizing spin and the suspense of where the ball will land.

Roulette has a lot of variations, and one of them is Single Zero Roulette, which is a pinnacle of player-friendly odds.

Single zero roulette embodies the charm of roulette and offers an edge that leads to your pursuit of fortune.

In this article, the beginners of the game will learn about the basics of the game and the old players will learn to fine tune their game strategies.

Join us on this road of gambling as we will talk about its history, rules, and strategies to make your game a true masterclass.

What is a Single zero Roulette Wheel?

The history of single Zero Roulette goes back to the 19th century when the Blanc Brothers from France made significant contributions and amendments to the game, and it became a Casino Staple. 

Single Zero Roulette begins with the wheel and has a symbol of chance which includes colors, numbers, and pockets.

If we compare this game with the American Double Zero, single Zero Roulette has more advantages.

In this European version of single Zero Roulette, the absence of the other Zero impacts the house edge and makes it favorable for people in the long run.

How does the game Work?

In a single Zero Roulette Wheel, there are 37 slots, which are numbered from 1 to 36, and the Zero slot is additional, which is colored green.

All other numbers’ colors vary from red to black.

The numbering of the Zero Roulette Wheel is arranged as the sum of a group of numbers on one part of the wheel will be equal to the sum of the sum of numbers on the other side of the wheel.

Betting in Single Zero Roulette

Single Zero Roulette has two types of betting based on betting areas which are described below.

1.  Inside Betting

Inside betting refers to bets placed on individual numbers on a roulette Wheel.

  • Straight Bet: The most popular bet in Inside betting is a straight bet and players put their bets in individual numbers.
  • Split Bet: You can also place split bets, which can be corner bets, two adjacent numbers, or four numbers of a square.
  • Straight Bet: You can also put a street bet, which covers a whole row of betting areas.
  • Basket Bet: This bet covers only 0, 1, 2, and 3 slots.

2. Outside Bets

Unlike inside bets, which cover individual numbers, outside bets have a larger group of numbers. Some of the outside bets are given below.

  •  If the ball lands on the black or red color, the player gets paid at odds of even money.
  •  If any player bets on odds, even 1-18, or 19-36, it will double their stake.
  • Column and Dozen bets pay at odds of 2 to 1.
  • 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 are considered dozens.
  • Column bets are bets on Columns in the betting area.

Wheel Layout

The wheel layout is similar to both American and European roulette, with zero in the middle and colored green.

French roulette offers more betting options than European roulette, along with rules and variations too.

French Roulette Variations in Call Bets

As we discussed above, French Roulette has some more betting options and variations. Some of them are listed below

1.    Visits du zero: It covers eight numbers to both sides of Zero and includes zero, too.

2.    Le tiers du cylindre: It covers twelve numbers that are opposite to zero.

3.    Orphelins: These are also called orphans, and they cover the other eight numbers.

Rules of Playing Single Zero Roulette

  • The basics of playing single Zero Roulette is to understand the various betting options, which include straight, split, street, corner, and many more.
  • There are inside and outside bets have their advantages and disadvantages, and you have to change your playing strategy every time.
  • However, the En Prison and La Partage serve as a safety net for players. House edge is reduced by these rules significantly when the ball lands on Zero, offering players a chance at redemption.

La Partage Rule:

In La partage rule, the player will get half of their bet amount back in refund form.

En Prison Rule:

In this rule, you will not get a refund rather, you will be able to play the next game on the same bet.

If the player makes a successful spin, the player will get their bet amount back, or the house will keep it.

Odds in Single Zero Roulette:

The odds of playing and winning a single Zero Roulette are more in American roulette as the house edge is only 2.7% when you play European roulette.

House edge is further reduced to 1.35% in French Roulette when you are gambling on an even money shot. Reduction in house edge applies only to money bets.

However, double Zero Roulettes give a house edge of 5.26%, which is very high, and it is always recommended to play gambling on single Zero roulette.

Also, a lot of online roulette games give options to choose between French, European, and American roulette, it is always recommended to choose French Roulette out of all of them.

Single zero roulette

What are the strategies for Single Zero Roulette?

There have been a lot of strategies made to Master this game and make a fortune out of it. We will discuss a few of them below.

1. Bankroll Management

Effective bankroll management means using your gambling budget wisely.

A lot of online gaming apps provide insights into settings for win and loss limits to maintain control over your gaming sessions.

Mastering your bankroll management will make your gambling journey sustainable and enjoyable.

2. Probability

Probability is the possibility of different outcomes. This part is mathematical and requires deep analysis of the bets.

It helps players make better decisions. To increase your chances of winning this game, understanding the science behind Probability is very important.

Future of Single Zero Roulette:

In this era of modern technology and advancement, single Zero Roulette is also progressing and making a lot of improvements.

Some of the things to look for in the future are given below.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will eventually take over the world in all terms, including gaming. Virtual reality provides real-time images.

2. Augmented Reality Integration:

Augmented reality is an idea where everything you see online will be superimposed in your physical surroundings.


In conclusion, Single Zero Roulette is a game filled with suspense, skills, and odds that promise substantial wins.

This game is both for beginners and seasoned players. Beginners can learn and enjoy the game at the same time.

The seasoned players can enhance their skills by trying different strategies for themselves and making a fortune.

After reading this article you are reading to play this game and embark on a casino adventure with excitement.

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