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Understanding PokerStars Rake (A Comprehensive Guide)

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Pokerstar Rake

In the vibrant realm of online poker, PokerStars has garnered a reputation as a leading platform, attracting players from around the world.

One of the essential aspects for poker players to grasp is the concept of “rake.”

This comprehensive guide will step into the world of PokerStars rake, shedding light on what it is, how it works, and its implications for players.

What is Rake in the poker world?

Rake, in the context of poker, refers to the small fee that the poker room charges players for the privilege of playing on their platform.

It is essentially the poker room’s way of generating revenue. 

Like other online poker platforms, PokerStars collects rakes from every pot in cash games and tournament buy-ins, ensuring the sustainability of the platform and the availability of various poker games for players to enjoy. 

These rakes are not charged to players until they complete the first round of the betting game.

These rakes are essential for the improvement and development of the game technology.

These rakes are different for each betting type and game, which we will be discussing below.

This article will discuss how these rakes vary from game to game and bet to bet. 

How to calculate PokerStar Rake:

At PokerStars, the rate varies from game to game and from buy-in to buy-in.

  • PokerStars rake structure based on the amount of buy-in is given below.
StakesNo of PlayersRake percentageRake Cap
Low stake2-105% – 10%,0.3$ – 3$
Medium stake2-104% – 8%,0.5$ – 4$
High stake2-103% – 6%,1$ – 5$
  • PokerStars rake structure based on the game is given below
Game TypeRake percentageRake Cap
Zoom poker5% – 7%,0.3$ – 2$
Power Up8% – 10%,1$ – 5$
Showtime Hold’em6% – 8%0.5$ – 3.5$

How Rake Works in Cash Games?

In cash games, PokerStars rake is typically a percentage of the pot, up to a predetermined maximum amount.

For example, in a no-limit Texas Hold’em game, the rake might be 5% of the pot, capped at $3. This means that if a pot reaches $60, PokerStars will rake $3 from it.

This system ensures that the rake is proportionate to the size of the pot, making it fair for players of all stakes.

Rake Structure in Tournaments

In tournaments, PokerStars rake is incorporated into the buy-in fee.

When you register for a tournament, a portion of your buy-in goes towards the rake, ensuring the poker room generates revenue while players compete for the prize pool.

The rake percentage can vary based on the tournament format and buy-in amount. Generally, higher buy-in tournaments have lower rake percentages, offering better value for players.

Tournament typeRake percentage
Regular7% – 10%
High Roller5% – 8%
Spin and Go’s7% – 8.5%

SpinGo Tournament Rake:

In MTT tournaments like SpinGo, a rake is fixed before buy-in, which is always less than 10$ and depends upon the quantity of buy-in.

Spin and Go lottery games have different rakes for different buy-ins as given below. Rake is higher at minimum bets made and is lower for higher buy-ins.

Buy InRake
0.25$ to 5$8%
10$$ 7%
25$ to 50$6%
100$ – 1000$  5%

Transparency and Fairness 

Players playing the game are already informed about the rakes for different buy-ins for fair play and gaining trust.

It allows players to make informed choices and transparent approaches to games.

Implications for Players

Understanding PokerStar rake is crucial for players because it directly affects their profitability and bankroll management.

Since rake is deducted from every pot or tournament buy-in, players need to factor it into their decision-making processes.

In cash games, being mindful of the rake structure can influence the hands you choose to play and the bets you make, especially in smaller pots where the rake proportionally impacts your winnings.

For tournament players, grasping the rake structure helps in selecting tournaments that offer reasonable value.

It’s essential to strike a balance between playing in tournaments with substantial prize pools and reasonable rake percentages.

This strategic approach ensures that players have a better chance of earning significant returns on their investments.

Platform Sustainability, Development, and Innovation

This rake is important to maintain the overall sustainability of the platform.

Development and innovation need to meet up with the latest technology and trends, as it is important to provide a safe and secure gaming system. 

PokerStars Rake back Programs

PokerStars offers rakeback programs to reward loyal players. Rake Back is a system where players receive a percentage of the rake they pay back into their accounts.

While the traditional rakeback model is not directly offered on PokerStars, the platform provides various rewards and incentives through its VIP Club and Stars Rewards programs. 

These initiatives allow players to earn points by playing real-money games, which can be redeemed for cash bonuses, tournament tickets, or other valuable prizes.

Comparison of Rake between Poker Sites 

StakePokerStarsGpokerIpokerPoker KingTigergaming
200$ – 500$5%5%5%5%5.5%
400$ – 600$5%5%5%5%5.5%
1K $4.5%5%5%5%5.5%

No Rake:

Many famous and top online casino games also offer no-rake tournaments to attract new players where players can cover their whole buy-ins.

These are offered by casinos only at times of special events rakes can be dropped to either half or zero depending upon the online casino app. Yet, it is very rare.


PokerStars rake is a fundamental aspect of online poker that players must comprehend to make informed decisions at the tables.

By understanding how rake works in cash games and tournaments, players can optimize their gameplay and maximize their potential profits. 

Moreover, taking advantage of PokerStars’ rewards programs ensures that players receive additional value for their contributions in the form of cash bonuses, tournament entries, and other exciting perks.

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