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How to play Resha Roulette?

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Resha Roulette
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Resha Roulette is the latest version of the classic drinking game Russian Roulette, introduced by famous lady

Yung Miami of the City Girls who is an artist, 28 years old, and is in a relationship with Diddy, who is one of the most successful podcasters of our generation.

She took it to Instagram pm 15 December 2022, where she announced the game. 

Resha Roulette is a new card game full of excellence and is a fast way to get everyone to have fun at your party.

It provides hours of entertainment with its supplies such as beer, shot glasses, cards, and liquor.

If you are a fan of playing cards while drinking, you will enjoy this game the most. Let’s get to know “how to play Resha Roulette”.

What is the Resha Roulette Drinking Game?

Resha Roulette is a card-based drinking game similar to a drinking game.

Never have I ever. It has quick rounds and fun rules, which have made it popular among partygoers in a short amount of time.

The objective of this game is very simple.

“Pick a card on your turn and read it. Answer the question, and if you have done what is written on the card, take a shot. Simple as that.”

The primary goal of this game is that

“Play a responsible card and drink a game by drawing a card on your turn and answering truthfully, and if you have done it before, you must take a shot.”

What do you need to play Resha Roulette?

Make sure you are prepared to play the game and get lit because there are some things that you will need before the fun begins.

This is necessary so there are no tiffs while playing the game, and you have a blast. What you need is given below:

  1. Resha Roulette Kit: The Kit includes a deck of 120 Resha cards with four Resha Roulette shot glasses.
  2. Regular Shot Glasses: The number of Resha Roulette glasses is limited. Make sure to have regular shot glasses as participants can increase, and the Resha Roulette glasses can break.
  3. Deck of Cards: Make sure to have an official Resha Roulette deck of cards to play the game right.
  4. Drinks: It has to be arranged by you based on your mood.
  5. Snacks: Snacks are necessary for every party and must be arranged beforehand.

Rules of Resha Roulette:

Resha Roulette rules are given below and are very simple to follow.

  1. Every person must have his own Resha Roulette shot glass ready.
  2. You must draw the card from the deck on your turn.
  3. Read out loud the question on the card.
  4. Answer the question truthfully.
  5. If you confess that you have done what was written on the card, then you must take a drink.

Alternate ways to play Resha Roulette:

It can be said that this game is the latest version of the “Never Have I Ever” game. Both of them have the same main objective: “Take a shot whether you have done it or not.”

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How can I play this game without a kit?

Resha Roulette game is ideally played by its kit.

However, if for some reason you can not get your hands on the Resha Roulette kit, here is how you can still play Resha Roulette without anything.

  1. Take a bottle and spin it.
  2. The person on the drinking end of the bottle gets the chance to ask questions to the whole group.
  3. Questions can be embarrassing, taboo, or related to sex life. You can ask questions according to your mood. The purpose should be to get the drift and get a laugh from your friends in the circle.
  4. Those who have done it all of them take a drink.
  5. Continue flipping the bottle afterward and end only when all your friends have had enough of the game.

Questions in Resha Roulette Drinking Game:

Do not worry, I will not ruin your suspense to play the game. There are 120 cards in the game, all with different questions.

I will just tell you 10 of them as samples so you can have a general idea. Here are some of the Resha Roulette questions on the card

  1. Take a shot if a female ever eats you out.
  2. Take a shot if you ever f***d someone and then turn around and f***d their friend.
  3. Take 2 shots if you are a city girl.
  4. Take 2 shots if you ever had a threesome.
  5. Take a shot if you like golden showers.
  6. I dare you to post your sneaky link on your story right now.
  7. Take a shot if you have ever messed with a n***a and his son.
  8. Take a shot if you have ever cheated a got STD.
  9. Get up, go outside, and race the person to your right. The loser takes 2 shots. Don’t waste time to get a breath.
  10. Take a shot if you ever fought with your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents.


Do not play this game with your fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or any family member. Play the game with your wild and best friends only.

Very easy rules and instructionsYou need a Resha Roulette kit.
Simple yet great game to play with your friends.Questions can overlap.
It can be played at home.Can’t play multiple times, as questions are limited to 120 cards and questions, respectively.
Very easy to learn
Creates long-lasting, hilarious, and entertaining memories.

How long does this game take?

If you play the Resha Roulette game with the official kit, it typically takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour. It also depends on a lot of factors, like:

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  • No of players
  • Time spent on each turn
  • Gossips duration.


Resha Roulette is a fantastic card-based drinking game that’s perfect for spicing up your party and having a blast with your wildest friends.

Created by Yung Miami of the City Girls, this game is all about answering questions and taking shots based on your experiences. Here’s how it’s done:

To play, you will need the Resha Roulette Kit, which includes a deck of 120 Resha cards and four shot glasses.

Plus, regular shot glasses in case you have more players or just want to avoid any mishaps.

The rules are straightforward. Each player has their own Resha Roulette shot glass, and on your turn, you draw a card and read the question aloud.

Then, you answer the question honestly. If you have done what the card asks, you take a shot. It is all about having fun and enjoying the company of your friends.

If you don’t have the official kit, you can still play by spinning a bottle and having the person it points to ask a question to the group.

Those who’ve done it take a drink. Keep spinning the bottle until everyone’s had enough laughs and drinks.

With Resha Roulette, you are guaranteed a night of laughter, unforgettable memories, and maybe a bit of embarrassment.

Just remember, this game is for your wild friends, not your significant other or family members.

So, gather your crew, get ready to spill some secrets, and let the good times roll!

In a nutshell, Resha Roulette is the recipe for a fun and memorable party.

So grab your kit or a bottle, invite your rowdiest pals, and let the Resha Roulette adventures begin!

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