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Rollover Sports Betting Complete Guide in 2024

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Rollover Sports Betting

Rollover is one of the most important terms in sports betting and most Bookmakers and sportsbooks do not tell players about it.

Rollover signifies the number of times you need to bet both your deposit and bonus amounts before being eligible to withdraw your winnings.

This criterion is crucial because failing to meet the rollover requirements means you won’t be able to withdraw any earnings from your account. 

In essence, it acts as a key factor in determining when and how you can access your winnings in the realm of online betting.

In this article, we will talk about what is rollover in sports betting, how to calculate rollover sports betting, wagering requirements, and expiration dates.

What is Rollover Sports Betting?

Rollover in sports betting is defined as a requirement for withdrawing your bonus (starting from the first) and associated winnings.

This Rollover in sports betting is set by Bookmakers and Sportsbooks to make sure that players engage in the game to a certain level before they get any bonus funds. 

This is also necessary to make sure that players stay active in the game and play more. Any Sportsbook or bookmaker would never want anyone to take their money by just luck.

So, they use Rollover as a purpose to make players stay and maybe lose their profits before making a withdrawal. Always make sure to play those games with lesser Rollover on sports betting.

Rollover in sports betting is applied only to all types of bonuses such as 

  • Sign up Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus

What is the Rollover Requirement in Sports Betting?

The only requirement that Bookmakers and Sportsbook keep is a certain multiple of the bonus amount that should be wagered as bets on sports before making any withdrawal. 

This multiple of bonus is not fixed and changes from bookmaker to bookmaker, Sportsbook to sportsbook, and also with betting types.

Let’s Understand Rollover in Sports Betting with an example

A Sportsbook offers a signup bonus to you which is a 100% deposit match bonus up to 100 $ with a Rollover of 5 times.

What it means is that if you deposit 100 $, the Sportsbook will give you 100 $ as a deposit bonus, making it 200 $ in your account. Now, here the Rollover comes in which is 5 times your bonus. The 5 times your 200 % is a 1000 $. So, you will have to make wages of 1000 $ before you can withdraw your bonus or any associated winnings. 

How Does Rollover in Sports Betting Work?

Receiving the Bonus:

Bettors receive a bonus when they make a qualifying deposit or fulfill certain conditions specified by the sportsbook. This bonus is typically credited to their account as additional funds.

Rollover Requirement:

The sportsbook specifies a rollover requirement, which is expressed as a multiple of the bonus amount, the deposit amount, or a combination of both.

For example, a 5x rollover on a $100 bonus would require $500 in total wagers before the bonus funds become eligible for withdrawal.

Meeting the Rollover:

Bettors need to place qualifying bets and meet the specified rollover amount within a designated timeframe. Only wagers that meet certain criteria, such as minimum odds or specific bet types, contribute to the rollover requirement.

Withdrawing Bonus Winnings:

Once the rollover requirement is met, bettors can withdraw the winnings associated with the bonus.

It’s essential to differentiate between the bonus amount and the winnings derived from using the bonus, as they may have separate withdrawal conditions.

How to Calculate Rollover in Sports Betting?

Calculating the Rollover in sports betting is very simple and you can do it easily with the following formula.

Rollover amount= Bonus amount × Rollover multiple

Example: Sign-up bonus is 50 $ with a Rollover of 3 times.

Rollover amount= 50 $ × 3= 150 $

So, you will have to make bets totaling 150 $ before being able to withdraw your signup bonus.

Both bonus amounts and Rollover multiples are provided by the bookmaker or Sportsbook, you simply have to multiply them both to get the Rollover amount.

However, some bookmakers and Sportsbooks keep more rules and terms on Rollover, where the Rollover applies to both bonus amount and deposit bonus. The formula to calculate that will be

Rollover amount= (Bonus amount + Deposit amount) × Rollover multiple

Example: If you made a 100 $ deposit, and received 50 $ as a sign-up bonus with a 3× of Rollover the Rollover amount will be

Rollover amount= (100 $ + 50 $) × 3

Rollover amount= 450 $

So, in this case, you will have to make a bet with a total of 450 $ before being eligible to withdraw your bonus and associated winnings.

Wagering Requirements and Conditions for Rollover on Sports Betting

The wagering amount is the number of times that you need to roll over the bonus before withdrawing it. Some Sportsbooks also place conditions with it that these wages can only be made on certain sports.

Let’s take a look at the Wagering requirements and conditions of “BetOnline”.

  • “There will be a 10 times Rollover requirement”
  • “The free plays you earn are for the Sportsbook only and cannot be used in any poker, casino, or live games.”

Expiration Date for Rollover in sports betting

All bonuses come with a Rollover and a fixed expiration date before which you have to wager the Rollover amount and claim the bonuses. \For example, if the Rollover amount is 1000 $, you will have to wager bets of a total 1000 $ within a certain time before you claim any bonus. 

This expiration date is given by Bookmakers and Sportsbooks. The expiration date of bonuses on BetOnline is 30 days, after which all bonuses will fade away. Most of the bettors usually end up losing all their bonuses.

Considerations for Bettors in Rollover Sports Betting

Check Bonus Terms and Conditions:

Before claiming any sports betting bonus, carefully read the terms and conditions, paying special attention to rollover requirements. Different sportsbooks may have varying rollover multiples and conditions.

Understand Wagering Contributions:

Not all bets contribute equally to the rollover requirement. Some sportsbooks may exclude certain bet types or set minimum odds for qualifying wagers. Understanding these criteria is crucial for efficient rollover completion.

Manage Your Bankroll:

Rollover requirements impact your betting bankroll. While pursuing a bonus, bettors should manage their bankroll effectively, ensuring they have sufficient funds to meet the rollover without compromising their overall betting strategy.

Check Timeframes:

Sportsbooks typically set a timeframe within which the rollover must be completed. Failing to meet the rollover requirement within the specified period may result in the forfeiture of bonus funds and associated winnings.

Differentiate Bonus and Cash Funds:

Distinguish between bonus funds and cash funds in your account. Sportsbooks may prioritize using cash funds before bonus funds, and this can affect your ability to withdraw winnings


A Rollover in sports betting is the amount of bet that you need to spend on sports betting before being eligible for a withdrawal bonus.

This Rollover is usually 2 to 10 times higher than the bonus and comes with an expiration date. These only facilities give advantages to Bookmakers and sportsbooks. 

This Rollover is applied to bonuses like sign-up bonuses and deposit bonuses. The expiration date that comes along makes it difficult for most players to cope with and end up losing their bonuses.

We have covered every aspect of Rollover in sports betting in this article, you will learn everything from it.

Make sure to calculate rollover before signing in a sportsbook and another thing to keep in mind is that the Rollover should be minimal.

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