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Ugga Bugga Slot Machine (Experienced Gambler Reviewed Guide)

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Ugga Bugga Slot Machine

Ugga Bugga is a famous slot machine found in most land-based casinos.

In terms of traditional casino games, Ugga Bugga is considered a classic with a testament to enduring charm.

This casino game is modernized with advanced graphics and complex themes. 

In the casino gambling world, many players have not even heard the term Ugga Bugga, but for experienced gamblers, this name invokes a sense of nostalgia and excitement.

The timeless appeal of this game attracts gamblers from all around the world. 

What is Ugga Bugga? 

Ugga Bugga is a multi-spin, 3 reels, and 10-pay line slot machine, which is different from modern video slots because of its gameplay, graphics, themes, and design. 

The theme of the game revolves around a tribal and jungle setting in the center with symbols of masks, huts, and drums, which is a very simple and minimalistic approach as compared to the complex and flashy themes of modern slot machines. 

History of Ugga Bugga

Ugga Bugga, a famous name in the gambling world, was first played in 1996. The game was developed by Playtech.

Playtech promised substantial payouts and kept the game very simple which attracted a lot of gamblers over time and became very popular.

The game overcame competitors with visually elaborated slots, which ensured the longevity of the game and is a testament to its craze among the players.

Gameplay of Ugga Bugga: 

Out of all spin games, Ugga Bugga is the simplest, and its gameplay is given below.

” To play the game. First, select a coin denomination that ranges from 0.01$ to 5$. After you select the coin, press the “Spin” button to start spinning the reels. You will win prizes if you align symbols on the pay line”

Ugga Bugga Slot Structure

On the Ugga Bugga screen, you will see there are 10 sections in rows. 5 on the right side and 5 on the left side.

Each section has 3 symbols. So, there will be a total of 30 symbols on the screen.

A wooden frame separates all ten sections and both sides of the Right and left sections.

Winning on Ugga Bugga

In Ugga Bugga, you win when, after spinning, you get three same symbols in a single 3×1 section. 

  • Before playing, decide how many numbers of coins and coin value you want to bet. The number of Pay lines(sections) will remain the same.
  • The chances of winning in Ugga Bugga is 1 in 10, even if you are playing it for the first time.
  • Getting the same symbols for all three slots can be a difficult one because partial symbols do not count.

Hold Symbols on Ugga Bugga

The remarkable feature given by Ugga Bugga is the Hold symbol. Let me explain how it works. 

“Make your first spin after you get the result on the 3×1 section and three symbols appear. You can hold any 2 of the 3 symbols of your choice, and it will remain the same in all the next 9 spin results.”

You can select that symbol by yourself, and the game also suggests which symbol to hold, this is entirely up to you.

After the first spin, you will see a yellow color hold sign.  When you press any symbol with the hold sign, its color will turn to white.

It will remain white till the next 9 spins. 

One other good thing about Ugga Bugga is that you only pay the betting amount once when playing the first round.

All other rounds are just a part of the game, and you do not have to pay another.

Ugga Bugga Symbols and Colors

Ugga Bugga Slot symbols are based on the Tiki concept. These symbols are present in four groups, which are Masks, huts, drums, and Food bowls.

The wild and scatter symbols are not included here. 

In each of the categories, there are three symbols, and their payouts vary depending on the color.

The colors that are present are black, brown, orange, red, blue, coconut, green, grey, pink, and yellow. Any combination of different colors will also get you to earn points. 

Ugga Bugga Paytable:

The payout table for Ugga Bugga is given below.

Subject 1Black Mask (125×)Black Drum (50×)Brown Hut (30×)Blue Food Bowl (15Wold Idol (1000× for three)
Subject 2Red Mask (100×)Red Drum (35×)Yellow Hut (20×)Coconut/Green Food Bowl (10×)Tribesman/Warrior Scatter symbol (3=5×/2= 2×/1=1×)
Subject 3Orange Mask (75×)Brown Drum (20×)Grey Hut (10×)Pink Food Bowl (5×)
CombinationsAny 3 masks (75×)Any 3 drums (10xAny 3 huts (5×)Any 3-food bowls (2×)Any combination of masks and drums (5x)

Gather at least three same symbols to get a payout. There will be no payout for getting just two symbols.

The symbols the game suggests to hold itself are those with the highest-paying symbols. Playing online Ugga Bugga is different than playing in a casino.

You can also bet on symbols of your choice with low payout rates. The greater the payout, the lesser their chances. 

“Always keep the payout table in mind and make your decision of choosing a symbol to hold. Higher payout symbols have lower chances while lower payout symbols have higher chances”

Ugga Bugga RTP (Return to Player):

RTP means a return to player percentage. Ugga Bugga has the highest RTP of 99.07%, which means no matter how you play, your chances of winning are excellent.

No other slot game produced by Playtech has this much RTP. 

Let’s understand how RTP works. RTP percentage never stays the same, and also, it does not give a guarantee of how much you are expected to get Back in winnings.

Slots with higher RTP give higher returns, and slots with lower RTP give lower returns. 

Short Details of the Ugga Bugga

  • Theme: Tiki Jungle
  • Manufacturer: Playtech
  • RTP: 99.0%
  • Rows: 3/1
  • Paylines: 10 (One for each section)
  • Minimum Bet: 0.10$
  • Maximum Bet: 50$
  • Maximum Prize: 10,000 coins/ 1000 for each line
  • Volatility: low
  • Jackpot: No
  • Mobile Compatible: Yes


Ugga Bugga has very low Volatility, which means that chances of getting low payout wins are higher and chances of getting high payout wins are very low.


Ugga Bugga also offers an autoplay option for users to have a relaxing experience.

You can set multiple spins out of 10 to be on auto without any manual intervention.

Practice For Free

Ugga Bugga also provides a free version of the game for players playing it for the first time.

The purpose of it is that you get familiarized with the rules of the multi-spin game, and you do not lose your real money

Set Win and Limit loss:

Some players get their emotions to come their way, which Most of the time causes them to lose their money. Set a win and loss limit on a target win.

After you win the targeted amount, instantly cash out, and if you lose a targeted amount, do not play again.

Bonus Features of Ugga Bugga in Casinos:

Unlike other progressive slots, Ugga Bugga does not offer any free rewards, bonuses, or spins, which is unlike by majority of players.

But Ugga Bugga compensates them with other options. Like high RTP instead of jackpots and the ability to hold Symbols instead of more free spins.

Bonus Features of Online Ugga Bugga

No bonuses are only for those games played in a casino, but in online Ugga Bugga, you get bonuses in the form of wild Symbols. 

1. Expandable Wilds

Based on its Tiki theme, online Ugga Bugga gives the Tiki idol a wild symbol that can replace any symbol on the playing reels but scatter symbols. 

Unlike other symbols, you can hold them if you get them on the first spin, but you cannot hold and expand these wild symbols after the second or third spin.

  • If you can hold two wild cards on the very first spin, you will surely get many payouts. You will only lose if you get partial symbols.
  • If you hold those two wild cards, smaller payouts of 2× are guaranteed.

2. Warrior Symbol:

The scatter symbol is called the Warrior symbol.

They do not have any special roles, and their main advantage is that every time they show up on the reel, the player gets paid out.

Many modern online slot games represent these symbols as an additional slot, but Ugga Bugga represents it in the same reel.

Pros and Cons of Ugga Bugga:

Every game that is played has its own advantages and disadvantages, which makes the game either great or bad. Some of them are given below.


  • Tiki theme
  • Unique Slot Structure 
  • Wild Symbols 
  • Hold Feature 
  • 99% RTP
  • Ten payouts for each spin
  • A combination of symbols also helps get payouts
  • Scatter symbols give instant payouts


  • No jackpot
  • No Free spins
  • No bonus
  • Individual payouts are very small
  • Partial symbols may appear due to the stopping of reels.

Online Casino Sites to Play Ugga Bugga

  • Tonybet
  • Ivibet
  • HellSpin

Let’s not waste any time and start playing Ugga Bugga on mobile or computer today.

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